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JTS Airacuda Max .22 Caliber: Shot Results

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Another out-of-the-box shot result from another JTS PCP.
This is the Aircuda Max in .22 Caliber which is a side lever, regulated, shrouded barrel, quiet, two-stage trigger, repeater that oozes quality.
Below are a series of shot strings and 50-yard shot results all captured in photos. The Max was flying JSB Jumbo Heavy at an average of 909 FT/S.


Thank you for reading

Looking good Haji.

That is one heck of an airgun for the suggested retail price for sure.  Fantastic pic's and data you've got on it Haj !!!

Looking at the photos I am convinced that whoever makes this also makes the DAR. This is not a bad thing I love my DAR II. The magazines are the best I have ever used. Looks like a DAR with a better trigger and quality control.

CJ Xisico builds them.


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