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Squirrel Sauce Picante (French = Squirrel Hot Sauce)

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Disclaimer:  This dish can be crazy spicy or not!  Season it to your taste.
Thursday, I cooked Squirrel Sauce Picante.  I don't remember cooking this in the past 35 years; and I don't know why - it is so easy and delicious.
I had two squirrels I harvested recently, that had been cut into six pieces each.  [I keep the front/neck and ribs because the bones add a good flavor to the sauce/gravy.]
I started by adding oil to a sauce pan and browning the squirrel pieces on both sides.  With the heat still on high, I added a can of tomato sauce.  Once this mixture comes to a boil, I added 1/2 of a white onion that I chopped 'camp cut' style.  (Camp Cut style is a rough cut used by hunters at the duck/squirrel camp in Louisiana.  The onion pieces don't all cook away.)  After about 15 minutes, reduce the heat to a simmer.  I seasoned with salt and chayenne pepper.  I covered the pan and let it cook for about an hour.  At this point, I added a link of smoked 'Cajun' sausage, quartered and chopped in about 1/2 inch pieces [small cubes].  The pan was covered again and allowed to cook until the squirrel pieces became tender enough to start separating from the bones.
We always served this dish over sticky rice.  YMMV   One squirrel [six pieces] is usually enough to feed one person.  (If someone can eat more than a whole squirrel, don't invite that person to dinner.  :o  )

Enjoy this meal with your favorite beverage.

Mike, that recipe sounds delicious! Never have eaten squirrel 🐿️, but one day I will if I shoot a tree squirrel specie.  I've only shot ground squirrels and most folks say don't eat them as they can have worms and the black plague geneome.

Good morning, Randall.  I understand that no one eats the Ground Squirrels in the US.  The Gray and Fox Squirrels are fine though.  I have been eating them for about 60 years and they have not killed me YET. 
Remember that you can substitute many different kinds of meat with this recipe - I have done Cottontail Rabbits and Catfish in a sauce picante with great results.  Others do chicken sauce picante.  My mother-in-law made the red sauce very often for my father-in-law.  It was one of his favorites.
Give it a try and let me know how it turn out.

Bent Skirt:
That sounds very tasty I will have to remember it to try in the future. My favorite is a recipe I found on Tim Farmers country cooking website, there is a YouTube video as well. Even coworkers who never had squirrel before raved over it. Some pictures of the last time I made a few weeks back enjoy.

Good afternoon, Daryl.
That dish looks good enough to eat.  I have a crock pot/slow cooker that hasn't much use yet.  That might be something I could try. 
Note:  The onion I used one time in the slow cooker didn't cook well at all.  I think I decided to use yellow onions the next I cooked anything in the crock pot that involved onions.


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