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In my culture, rice (more precisely, sticky rice) is part of most wildlife dishes.
As a result, I have been preparing/cooking the rice in my house for about 50 years.  My Judy does cook rice too - but in one of those electric rice-cookers things. :o
Lately, when we were going to have rice, she had started putting the ingredients together before I got a chance.  Well, the last time she did this, and I started cooking the rice, I thought it looked unusual.  When it boiled over for the second time 20 minutes into the cooking process, I knew something was not right.  That pot of rice gave 'STICKY' a whole new meaning.
The rest of the story:  Several days later my Judy confessed said she realized that she had put twice the amount of water.  At that time, I suggested that maybe we should go back to the way it was before she started messing in my cooking.  <--- That went over well.  The doctors say I should recover fully by the time Squirrel Season opens.
Okay, the part "went over well.  The doctors say . . . . " is a joke.  My Judy was actually telling me what she had done in an apologetic tone.  All is forgiven and she assured me that she will leave the rice cooking the old fashioned way entirely to me.

Hoosier Daddy:
But how are you going to cook with that pot lodged firmly up your butt?


Scott, so far this morning, everything is copacetic.

Several hours have gone by since lunch.  We had rice to go with the gravy.  I measured out everything and cooked it carefully.  It was much better than the last time I cooked rice.   ::)      ;D

Nutter Buster:
Well Mike, after reading this, I was just wondering how it felt to sleep in the garage, alone, this time of year. I'm sure your Judy was not the happy camper that she always is, after that. I know you are chomping at the bit for squirrel season to open. Hope you have a great season this year!!!


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