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Pinty 6-24x50 AO Rifle Scope Illuminated with Mounts $38.75 w clickable coupon

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Bargain Hunter:

Seems like a decent deal, that thing is huge though.  Anyone use this scope before?

How do I use those odd cross hairs?


--- Quote from: caseyk on June 28, 2022, 11:11:47 AM ---Seems like a decent deal, that thing is huge though.  Anyone use this scope before?

--- End quote ---

Not exactly... I recently grabbed a couple "Sniper" brand scopes -- one 3-12x and one 4-16x.  Pretty sure Sniper, Pinty, and Centerpoint are the same stuff rebranded.  They are "built like tanks" -- heavy, solid construction.  Optics seem on par with a 20 year old made-in-china Tasco ($200 scope at the time.)

They exaggerate the magnification.  I lost my notes, but it was significant -- 12x was really 9 x, 16x was really 12x, or thereabouts.  I do not know if it's industry standard to lie, or just these cheapies.  I tried to test the old Tasco, but the reticle style made it more difficult to compare -- best I could tell its 24x was really 20x ish.  Would not surprise me if this Pinty "24x" is really 18x.

I have not used them much, can't speak to durability.  They survived reticle centering and a few shots on a PCP, and was holding zero.  All the features seem to work.

$50 for a decent usable "24x" is very tempting.  I would have cut off my left arm for a deal that good back when I was a kid!  Remember those cheap 4x15s and splurging for a 3-7x20?  In converted dollars, this costs about the same as the 3-7x did! 

I have at least 2 scopes sitting around and am tempted to have this sitting around!

EDIT -- Noticed the price posted -- $38.xx is if you have prime.  Without it it is more like $45.  Not a bad deal, but price history shows $48-50 has been the price all of 2022. 

Madd Hatter:
Looks like a rebranded cv life. If it is it's not a true x24 on max. I have 1 of the cv life scopes on my liberty originally and it was very accurate but I just used Kentucky windage not that wierd setup it has.


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