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Benjamin .177 bolt adjustment?

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I have a Benjamin with an American Walnut stock/lower, .177 caliber. I damaged the pump 40 years ago and had it repaired. After the repair, it would eject some of the air rearward, directly into your aiming eye.

I finally got it out of the closet yesterday and realized that the bolt is not remaining seated when firing. I can hold it in place with my thumb, and there is very little leakage.

Is there a way to adjust the bolt so it will remain seated?

Based on an internet search, I think itís a 347 multi pump.. I bought this about 45 years ago. 

I always loved this gun until it was damaged. If I can restore it, this would be great to pass on to my grandsons.


You need to adjust the cam plate (left side of the receiver) to push the bolt fully into sealed position when it's closed with the bolt handle.

The model is there on the gun, on the rear plug where the bolt is.

To adjust the sealing of the bolt you need to move the cam plate.

If it is a 347 I don't remember if I'll have a cam plate cover or not but it doesn't matter,  theres 2 screws on the left side and those hold the cam plate in place.

Loosen them and hold the plate ( youre pushing on the cover If there is one, or directly on the cam plate otherwise) pushed as far forward as you can against the closed bolt then tighten those screws back up.

I only see one set screw.


--- Quote from: LesStrat on June 22, 2022, 10:22:50 PM ---I only see one set screw.

--- End quote ---
That is the bolt lug which is what catches the hammer and pulls it back.

You are missing the cam plate,  it is attached via those 2 screw holes there.
It can also secure a model 273 peep sight, but it's main purpose is to push the bolt forward vie it's angled surface.

That is definitely a 347 for sure.


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