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  Haven't taken the ride up to the gunstore in awhile and yippee he has been awaiten for me. Comes out with a, kids, Western rig. C Single Action 6.The co2 seal is shot, at minimum. I spy the grey color and wonder. Yes its sanded down but looks ok, not black. Seems to be in great shape, otherwise.

  I put in a removed seal from another old Crosman and it held gas and fired. A while later, I fired and got squib and thought it leaked out but it didnt. I messed up removing the stuck pellet and now its apart, gave me a hard time. Anyone re position the hammer spring?

 So yeah I moved the hammer spring and now get the gas dumping out the barrel for some reason

  Was not easy, but fashioned an end seal from a hardened tube of urathane caulk. Put one in a C 1600 Bb pistol and then ended up with both working well, I even steroided the 1600 and they are zipping out now. Just waiting for them to both start leaking, 

 Any ideas on which end seal goes in this valve? There are measurements but I see nothing that matches up. There is a larger or smaller one.. The bottom of CO2 area is about .490. Thanks


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