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Mantis x10 testing

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Have wondered where my accurate gone after year break from this hobby.

Made lot of chances and started playing heavy slugs. Same time even pellets i shot noticed im not so good anymore.
So started look my position, hold, gear etc. where is fault.
Then friend tip Matis x.
Did not find any info internet is it even work pcp br shooting.
So got one and decided share info what it gave me.

Made 8 picture collection of results.
First three from top are how i have shooted now.
Blue is movement before fire and red after.
Rest below are with camping seat cover under bipod and best ones with $10 front bag.

Have not proof this from long range yet but looks promising. 30yd testing shows chances helps.
And during testing recall i actually use same cover under bipod before shooting break. But forgot totally it.

I know this is not short cut to perfection but must help get better.

Jari, Not so good anymore...? Your skills are very good!!!  ;D

I'm almost afraid to see how you shoot when you're happy with the results, as you are a strong competitor. I'm of little help in giving advice, but instead could use all the information I can get myself.

I'm unfamiliar with the Matis X device/program, but looks very interesting. I do know in trying various rests or bipods, the biggest improvement in my shooting technique came from squaring up behind the gun. Doesn't matter if a springer/pcp/any other, or type of rest used. When the gun recoils, if I am square behind I get a more vertical muzzle movement, as compared to shouldering sitting at an angle, which causes vertical and horizontal movement. I'd actually have the muzzle jump to the 10 o'clock position instead of 12 o'clock and have shots throw left. This effect seems amplified while shooting at subsonic speeds (airguns). I still have lots to learn, but enjoy the process.

Best wishes to you in achieving your goals. If you care to share your findings (or secrets) in attaining high levels of accuracy I'm sure others will be following as well as myself.

Yes. I hope others can also get better with open discussion.

Reticle movement is so tiny this testing, cant say difference by eye.

It would be also nice to hear others experiment for bags, bipods, table surface.

Last time when was out did not figure out why i can shoot couple under .500 4 groups. Then awg was 1-2 5 groups.
Did not have any wind that thay.
Fps was spot on so cant blaim tune or ammo.
So reason must be me or something else.
That tracker help me actually see how it moves.

I haven't done much experimenting with bags, bipods and rests. I do own a set of Caldwell front and rear bags, But rarely use them for airgun use. Instead I often use a generic "X" foam rest, and a simple homemade "bag"/sack. As a filler I used 6mm plastic airsoft bb's. I found it keeps the weight down and is easy to adjust the firmness. At first it was used on top of the foam X block for springer shooting as it absorbs the shock of the shot cycle, but as I got further into pcp's it doubles as a light weight rear bag. If I go into the field for shooting, I use a simple tripod with a Y yoke or rifle mounted bipod if equipped.

As for my table surface, usually a glass table is used for airgun use when I shoot at home. I found using a sheet of masonite (also known as high density fiber board) helps for bipods/rests to get better grip, but I'm sure there are better options and don't use it often. I considered using a silicone mat, and at one point was looking at my spouses yoga mat, but knew that would not end well...

Here's a photo of the table, foam rest and bag I use along with a HW97.

The third photo was when I attempted to shoot a thumb tack at 105 yards with my Diana 54, was just joking around but had gotten much closer than I anticipated. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to repeat such a tight grouping since.

What range does the Mantis work at?....



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