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Off Season 10M Casual Match #5 Year 21/22

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Knothead / Mark Hogan
10 Meter 01-23-2022
PCP Class
Daisy 753 Peep/Post
Standing No Support
Crosman Premier 7.4 gr.  .177
167/200 1X
Scored with Eagle Eye

tcarlson777 / Tom
Taipan Vet Long .22
JSB 18.13g
Bag F and R
PCP Class
Element Helix 10x
200 12X

Hoosier Daddy:
Dang pistols...  ::)

Call name: Hoosier Daddy
Pistol Class
Air gun used: Crosamn 1701P
Sighting system: Scoped 2x20
Pellet and caliber: Meisters .177
Shooting position and/or aid(s): front rest
Score: 181

Rifle:  Air Arms S510
.  PCP Class
.  Shot @ 10M
.  Rested F/R
.  Scope:  Hawke @7 power
.  Pellet: .177 RWS R10 Match 8.2 gr
.  Shot at lowest power setting (UNK FPS)
.  Score: 200/200 12X

Kid Shelleen:
Good shooting with the 300s Scott.  Looks like you got that scope mounted better this time.  Lol.   I almost forgot to shoot this match.  Ammon stopped by and reminded me they were due today.  Went down to the basement and shot a target with my FWB 300s.  Got a 200/200 but only 3X.  Not nearly as good as the 14X I got last match.  I did shovel a lot of snow yesterday, so my arms were tired, plus my bad back was hurting and my hemorrhoids had flared up.  Oh, and I turned 74 last week so I'm feeling kind of old and decrepit.  Let's see is there anything else I forgot to add.  LOL.

Kid Shelleen
01/23/22  10 Meters
Jumper Class
FWB 300s / Hawke 6x24 @6
RWS MK 7.0 Gr.
Bench/Front Rest/Rear Bag
200/200 3X


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