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Crock Pot Squirrels

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--- Quote from: Hawks Feather on November 17, 2021, 08:26:15 PM ---I used to do something similar.  Put the squirrels in the crock pot with a can of beer for liquid.  Keep the cover on, turn it on medium for about four hours, and then turn it to low till the meat is falling off the bones.  Take the meat out and it is easy to shred.  Then back into the crock pot with barbeque sauce (no beer or other liquid) for the last hour or so.  It comes out tasting like barbequed beef.

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Jerry, that sounds like very good eating.
I am glad you didn't say "Tastes like chicken".  Hee hee


--- Quote from: Blowpipe Sam on November 17, 2021, 09:18:56 PM ---As a bachelor I would pressure cook them for about thirty minutes and the bone the meat and add it to canned stew.

Now I use an Instapot.   First I braze the quarters in a little lard.  After that they go into the Instapot for thirty minutes.  Then they get boned and turned into squirrel chili or squirrel tacos.

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Cap, that sounds like it would be quick and easy. 
Good eats right there.

Bent Skirt:
Itís strange how different folks have varying results when basically using the same cooking method. Iíve never had an issue with cooking squirrels in my crockpot. I donít have any specific way of making gravy though I just take a measured cup of broth from the crockpot and thicken with flour and pour back into the crockpot when Iíve reached the desired thickness. One thing Iíve always done though is use a can of cream of mushroom soup, so maybe that helps? Iím not sure.

I also set my crockpot on high and cook for a total of 6 hours. Perhaps by using the low setting on your crockpot you may have needed to let it cook longer? Typically people use the low setting for cooking for 12 hours or more, my folks did this when making homemade spaghetti sauce or chili. I bone the meat when itís falling off the bone then add back into the crockpot. The onions always came out tender and cooked down.

Daryl, thank you for your thoughts and suggestions.

When I thought back on the results I had, the idea came to me that the cheap crockpot I use doesn't seal well.  As a result, the temperature may vary too greatly or never really get to the proper temperature at all.  It sort of defeats the purpose because I have to check on it often to make sure the water has not all cooked away.  Not the best experience.

Next, I am going to cook some black-eyed peas using the dried peas to start with. 


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