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Another way to cook squirrels


I've cooked squirrels several ways and as long as I cook them a half hour or so, they are tender and tasty.  I like the gravy over biscuits method a lot.

But I tried something different tonight that turned out well and may be my new favorite.  I steamed them in my electric pressure pot.  I did it for 15 minutes but 20 wouldn't be a bad idea, especially if you have more than the 2 I was cooking.  I put some barbeque sauce on them before starting the pot which worked it's way into them some but I put more on my plate to dip them in.  I cut off the 4 legs and the back of the back and that's all I keep.  So you have 5 pieces of meat (and bone) from a squirrel.  It's a little like eating wings.  You could also take them from the pot to the grill and cook in some sauce that way.   

One reason I like it is it is so easy.  My gravy tends to get too thick because I forget to add water.  Nothing like that to mess up with a pressure cooker.

Jim, that is an interesting way to cook squirrels that I have never tried.  The last squirrel I cooked was from the Spring Squirrel Season.  He was a very mature Eastern Fox squirrel.  I cooked it in my usual Onion Gravy for four HOURS before it was tender enough to eat.  It was delicious.  But, man, four hours is a bit more than usual. 

My Instant Pot is the only way I've been cooking squirrels, for the past few years. My preferred flavor is curry. I eat the entire torso, all the limbs, and the heart.

I, too, eat the whole body.  The only thing not eaten is the head.  Never did - never will!

Blowpipe Sam:
I lop off the head and tail, quarter the rest, brown them in a skillet and toss them in the insta pot for 20 minutes.  I only eat young she’s, shot early in the season.  Any males get cooked for the dogs.
I’ve got a recipe for “squirrel head gravy” but I have never tried it. :P


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