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Richard James Bowen


Scott (Motorhead) asked me to make this post. We have lost another great member of our airgun community.

Dear friends,
It is with a heavy heart and overwhelming sadness you are receiving this message on Thanksgiving day 2020.
At @ 3:40 am this Morning our mutual friend succumb to his 10 month battle with Cancer and Covid-19 exposure.

RICHARD JAMES BOWEN died in his sleep under the care of  his doctors at Kaiser Roseville.

Please take this time to remember him and put his thought in your prayers today.
Those folks that also knew Richard that you have contact with .... PLEASE pass this information along to them.

Scott Schneider

Rick as many knew him here in the Sacramento Valley Air Gun Club was the 3rd founding member of the more formal FIELD TARGET club known as the SVFTC.
He was instrumental in our ability to get all our targets built, beefed up and maintained for many years.
While Rick was not a member here, his memory is important to those who knew him and his contributions to our local air gun community.

God speed my dear friend ....
 :'( :'( :'(

Scott's informing me of Rick's condition several weeks ago came as a shock. Scott advised me he was a shell of the man we remembered. The once happy, helping, big personality we all came to love was gone replaced by someone who could barely move around on his own, devastated by cancer.

As Scott mentioned Rick was instrumental in the formation of the Sacramento Valley Field Target Club. He and Scott pitched in and spent countless hours modifying the large number of Gamo targets we acquired to start the club. Rick was responsible for reinforcing the targets and spent much time welding and enhancing the strength of the targets. Most of the targets that Rick modified are still in use today over 8 years later, working almost flawlessly.

While saddened by Rick's passing I also realized it was the best for him, there was no hope of any significant improvement in his condition. His passing on Thanksgiving is appropriate for me as every year on this holiday I will remember Rick and give thanks for the opportunity to have known him.

Godspeed good friend
Jim in Sacramento

Frank in Fairfield:
I only knew Rick through Scott & Jim at the airgun range.
It was clear to me that Rick was cut from a special cloth.
He was always upbeat and had a kind word for everyone.
I know his passing will leave Scott with a heavy heart.
We can all benefit knowing that Rick’s suffering is over.
See you soon.


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