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How long can I wait with dressing and refrigerating pigeons?

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I'm new to this. Bear with me.... 😊

So, when I go pigeon hunting usually 4 to 6 hours, I still I have an hour drive home.
And all this time the dead pigeons are out in the sun (80's in the summer), or in the hot car.

🔶 How long can I wait before they need dressing and refrigeration?
Sure, I don't want to get sick eating the meat, but a "the sooner the better"-advice isn't really helping. I'm more looking for a suggested amount of hours, or some other way to prolong the decay of the meat.


I would carry a cooler full of ice if possible in that kind of weather. When I duck hunted in warmer temps here in Florida, I would draw the bird immediately and get it on ice till I got home with them. I do the same for squirrel. Key thing is getting the innards out of them as quickly as possible to help cool them down. The times you have stated is kind of pushing the limits of spoiling. Freezing a plastic bottle of water is another method I use to keep my game cool. Just stick it in a soft cooler that will hold the amount of game you intend take. Usually 2 one liter bottles get me through the day. This my experience in keeping game in hot weather. Hope this helps.

that sounds simple and cheap enough, especially since I usually have my vehicle close by.
A cardboard box with a couple of frozen water bottles, in the shade. And collecting the birds not at the end but little by little as I shoot them.

So, to get this straight (I'm a total nubee at this):
Taking the innards out is for the purpose of cooling down the meat quicker?


--- Quote from: JungleShooter on January 27, 2020, 01:05:19 PM ---So, to get this straight (I'm a total nubee at this):
Taking the innards out is for the purpose of cooling down the meat quicker?

--- End quote ---

And keeping the meat from spoiling, the crop contents sour quickly and the acid in the entrails speed up the spoiling as well. I draw my small game as soon as possible for that reason.

If you wish to use a cardboard box, put in several layers of newspaper. It helps to act as insulation.
Personally, I like the soft cooler idea better than a hard cooler. It can be folded up and tucked out of the way when not in use. Cardboard will fall apart as condensation builds up.


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