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What airgun related did you do today?

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Well i thought a tread about what we did that doesn't necesery need to involve shooting or buying stuff was needed, but feel free to post what you want.
I did some inventory check to see what pellets i have and what i need, i have pellets everywere, in my bags, in boxes, in a cabinet and just laying around... So i pulled everything out and started to sort them by brand and weight/size, i don't need to buy any Jsb this year, 33.95gr, 25gr, 18gr, 10.34 gr, 8.44gr and 7.33gr  will last some time, hopefuly my Diana 350 will like the 10.34...
And i need to shoot my 25 cals more...
So what did you do today?

Got out of bed, got my coffee and logged onto the GTA. Pretty much how I begin everyday.

Cleaned up the shooting range!

Dug out the cowbell and the old out-of-hydro co2 bottles I like to shoot at. The weeds and bushes had grown over the top. Beefed up the backstop a bit since Iíll be shooting the Rex .357 more often.

Just cleaned the workingbench, somehow it got stacked with papers, boxes, tools, pellets, guns... I even found a machete i bought in may that i had forgotten about...

Checked to see if the pumpers and CO2 held overnight. Every day ritual.  ;D


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