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Skinning squirrels

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Often, I watch YouTube videos on "HOW TO" do things.  Recently, there was one on the quickest way to skin a squirrel.  It was over seven minutes long. 
I have had some practice skinning squirrels and have tried several different techniques.  But I am not the best.  However, at normal speed, being careful not to get hair on the meat, a squirrel will be skinned and gutted in less than five minutes.  If I hurried it, I could probably get the time down into the three plus minute range.
How fast are you?  Time yourself next time and post the time.  Also, you might mention the method you use.

The method I use takes about 5 minutes. First I chop off all 4 paws. Cut a slice through the fur across mid back. Using both hands at the cut section, pull one section of fur towards the head and the other section of fur towards the tail end. Just like taking off a sweat shirt and pants. When fur reaches head, chop head/fur off, and when fur reaches tail, chop tail/fur off. The I carefully make an incision just below the sternum/rib cage, and using the handy gut hook of my knife, run it down to the pelvic bone, and then up into the shoulder region. Using my index and middle finger, like a set of hooks, I grab all the anatomy in the chest cavity and pull down and out to free all the guts. Once all the guts are hanging on the outside of the carcass, very carefully cut off the very end section of the intestine, to free the guts.

Pretty much the same method as Xray. I skin them when they are still warm , too.


--- Quote from: 19Sheridan57 on March 08, 2017, 12:02:43 PM --- I skin them when they are still warm , too.

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Definitely much easier to do before rigor mortis sets in

I use the method where you lift the tail, make a cut at the base of the tail cutting through the skin and severing the tail bone at the same time, then you lay the squirrel on it's back, place your boot firmly on the squirrels tail while you grab both rear legs firmly.  Now you pull up forcefully on both legs and pull the squirrel up forcefully.  The skin will peel off all the way up to the head and front legs.  A quick pull frees the skin from the front legs and you now cut off the head.  Now all you have to do is grab the small section of skin that stayed on the rear legs during the procedure... grab it and peel it off.   I hope I'm explaining it so you get a picture of it.  Works fantastic.  Takes me about 30 seconds to skin a squirrel.  I first saw the method on YouTube years ago and have used it ever since. 



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