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American/U.S. Air Gun Gates / Re: New To It All
« Last post by Roadworthy on Today at 02:55:08 AM »
Shoot your 95 for awhile to see if you like springers.  That will give you a start on whether or not you even LIKE spring piston airguns.  Not everybody does.  Your use and expectations may limit just how far you can go depending on your budget.  A .25 caliber airgun is probably the practical upper limit for a springer.  You will be amazed how fast the price increases for larger caliber PCP guns - again, depending on your budget.  You can charge a PCP from a hand pump, a tank, or purchase an electric pump.  Whether you like it or not, if your budget is tight you'll probably start out with a hand pump.  Follow the advice in the prior post and get some education.  You can also shop Pyramyd Air or Airguns of Arizona to get an idea what's out there and how prices run.  Good luck and welcome to the GTA.
Keven back when I ordered my .357 there wasn't a .22 to be found anywhere until months later about 2 days after I received my 30 cal.  I do like the 30 cal but I like the .22 much more, especially after I found out what the darned thing is capable of ., . . .,  it's a small caliber beast indeed.  I've only shot my 30 cal a couple times since I bought the .22 and about the only one I really have a desire to shoot much is the .22.  I would swap anyone my 30 cal for a 25 cal because I've no doubt that gun would do wonders as well.  Don't get me wrong though because the 30 cal is a nice gun too but I can tell you right now that if I had the 25 it would be used much more than the 30 cal.  As for the semi's I have shot my HP 25 cal Carbine probably twice the amount of all three Challenger LS's combined.  That's about the most fun with any airgun I've ever had, I tried the SAM before that but that thing was about the most worthless piece of junk that I've ever bought, it went back to the factory 3 days after I bought it because it basically did nothing but jamb up every other shot, I did get a full refund from Crosman and didn't have to pay a dime shipping.
Air Gun Gate / Re: HW30s macari or vortek
« Last post by Roadworthy on Today at 02:43:02 AM »
Personally, I'd go with Maccari - Air Rifle Headquarters for springs, kits, and seals.  That's my personal choice, though I do have my reasons.
Crosman-Benjamin Air Gun Gate / Re: Got My 362 Today :- )
« Last post by Wayne52 on Today at 02:02:50 AM »
I shoot the BBT occasionally out of my co2 pistols even, they seem to really like them but they do have quite and arc if you shoot them any distance however they stay right on center.
Air Gun Gate / HW30s macari or vortek
« Last post by Pizzaman on Today at 02:00:31 AM »
Hey everyone,

Sorry I know this topics been one a million times, but am having trouble navigating the search function... 

Which would you choose for your HW30s?  Macari or Vortek?
You have to remove the gauge to make way for the trigger linkage. Yes you can use a HUMA reg and just remove the gauge port all together and bypass the hole with the plenum. Thatís what I did

That is one sexy bullpup!

I see you still got a gauge at the front, did you custom made that or can you provide the link to where you got it from. The only thing holding me back from this kit is I am not willing to lose the gauge but looks like your gauge with fill port is the solution to my problem.
You already mentioned Steyr, with silencer it would tick all the boxes I believe. I'd go for the Pro X pup.
Dave, the Daystate Revere is one of the best "Sporter" PCP's ever built, compact, light, bullet proof and accurate and regulated. Had a Regal in .22 it was fantastic. Would you entertain the thought of a .22 as I think this platform was built for .22.
I was almost there. In the cart and checking out. Shipping pushed it to $280.
Anyone know of any discount codes for GTA members? That's a bit much for me.

Tinkering is fun for me, especially with guns with a cult like following like the Prod and 1322. I had fun doing the research for parts and browsing what others had done before me.  I am really really late to the 1322 mod scene and a lot of the custom parts are no longer available like the grips and pump arm by Ralph Brown at RBGrips. Any body got one and willing to part with?

And this guy in the blog post have the best looking 1322 in my opinion.

Attached is my 1322 at the moment. Such a wonderful hobby this is.
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