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Author Topic: Long Island Field Target & @@ss%% Guns first FT match 3/20/11  (Read 4612 times))

Dave CAG

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Spring is almost here and the smell of air guns are in the air

We could not have our first shoot in February for those who are not in NY (We still had snow)

But I can't say some airgunners were out there. But not me I was to busy shoveling!!

Well the snow is gone for now and our first shoot will be on 3/20/11 weather permitting you can go to the site and find the updates, Cancelations, full write ups weather for our area. If anyone with air guns would like to join or just come and watch we start at 8:30 end at 2:30

If you don't have any airguns come down or call and we will set you up with a loner we have plenty of air rifles to choose from.

We will have 10 lanes, 3 field targets per lane, 2 shots per target, a rised lane and a bat lane!!
That is a total of 60 shot course and a full day of shooting. When it comes to air guns what more could you want?

Take a look at our 2010 season

Dave CAG
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Long Island Field Target
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