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Title: Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot
Post by: victorleewilkinson on July 06, 2014, 02:28:34 PM
Kansas area GTA,

I am back! I had to go to Washington DC for ten days to do the tourist thing. If I never see another museum it will be too soon. It was a very expensive place to eat: $60 for feeding a family of four at a burger joint near the capitol building and my teenage son built a $25 salad at a pay-by-the-pound buffet. That made me really miss Sirloin Stockade's $9 all-you-can-eat buffet.

I am ready to have some people over to sling some pellets.

We are starting our 100 degree day season for the next two months so I thought I would let July and August pass so we don't have heat stroke. Plus, with 8" of rain in June, there are so many mosquitoes, they are forming the their own nation and are using human blood for taxes.

I was thinking Labor Day weekend: Saturday August 30, Sunday August 31, and Monday September 1 (Labor Day). I can get home by 5:00 Friday evening August 29 by 5:00PM or so and unlock the gate if any one wanted to start early. Labor Day weekend would give people a chance to go home and have a day to relax on Monday if they needed.

There are some big trees near the range to shade tents and small campers. We widened the golf carts paths to accommodate vehicles. The road winds through some trees so I don't know if RVs will be able to negotiate the turns. There are some areas along the access road if you have an RV but you may be 100-200 yards away from the action. There are no restroom facilities at the lake but if enough people come we can split a port-a-potty. If you are a member of Genesis (15 minutes) or the YMCA (10 minutes) are near. There is also a large truck stop a couple of miles away that may have showers. If you have a golf cart you are welcomed to bring it.

There are some piles of cut wood around for campfires.

FOOD: If you Google Hutchinson, KS eateries they will of course list national food chains like Arbys, Subways, McDs, Sonic, Wendys, Burger King, Spangles, Taco Bell, Qdobas, DQ, Chilis, Sirloin Stockade, Olive Garden, Carlos O'Kellys, and others I can't remember. There are also some mom and pop restaurants like Anchor Inn for some authentic Mexican food (buffet available and near antique shops), Hog Wild for BBQ, and China Star Buffet for your Asian food plus other establishments that slip my mind. These are all withing 10-15 minutes.

Groceries: Walmart - 5 minutes away, Aldis - 10 minutes, and since we are the town Dillon's started in, several stores scattered through the city.

Tourists spots: Cosmosphere (15 minutes away) for space museum and the Underground Salt Museum (2 minutes) that is an active salt mine 600' below the lake.

Motels: lots of them, Google your options

Lake: You are welcome to swim. Our homeowner's association (HOA) requires all lake users to use a minimum of a swim belt while in the water. I will have those available. NO fishing license required - Fishing is catch and release and NO LIVE BAIT or nonmember boats are allowed. There are largemouth bass (plastic worms and plastic crawdads are best this time of the year) and white bass, plus a few crappie an channel catfish.

HOA: Most of our members are old and grouchy. Stay away from their houses and docks and do not go south or west of the hill to the adjacent private properties. I haven't asked the HOA for permission so I just will beg for forgiveness. Since they won't here our airguns, they won't even realize we are slinging lead. If we respect their privacy and property I don't see too much of a problem. The access gate needs to be shut when you travel through it or the county meth producers will be on the property cooking up some drugs.

Location of range: Google Earth - closest address: 208 South Obee Road, Hutchinson, KS
GPS coordinates for range are 3803'09.98N and 9750'56.63W

Shooting arrangements: never been to an airgun event. I use paper plates and paint balls for targets and RES turtles.
Shoot all of the red-eared pond slider turtles, rabbits, opposums, racoons, starlings, and HOSPs you want. Leave the  squirrels (I think we are up to two of them), foxes, turkeys, purple martins, etc., unharmed. There is a prairie dog town two minutes away. I will see if we can get permission to thin the herd.

Air: don't know where you get your tanks filled as I only have springers. There is a scuba shop in Wichita and a place in town that deals in compressed gas for welding and refrigeration. Contact them for ??s and Labor Day weekend hours.

Maps: email for diagrams and maps as I can't get them attached to this thread

Any questions:
general information sharing: use GTA's Kansas Fun Shooting Fun category and the Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot thread
email: - put Kansas GTA in subject line so it doesn't go to spam
phone: 620-665-3629
Title: Re: Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot
Post by: Clifford on July 15, 2014, 11:02:20 PM
The Anchor has some good food. I will see if I can make this event when the time comes. Kudos to you for putting this all together!
Title: Re: Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot
Post by: DR on July 18, 2014, 04:29:45 PM
I wish I could make it, as of right now, there is no way. Things could change though.
Title: Re: Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot
Post by: victorleewilkinson on July 18, 2014, 04:35:18 PM
I hope some folks try to make it. So far, it seems I will be the only one. You folks let me know if you can come so I am not sitting out at the range all alone:(
Title: Re: Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot
Post by: vtmactech on July 20, 2014, 05:39:31 PM
Unless some sort of family emergency comes up, I will be there.  Only have a few PCP air guns but will bring what I have.  Is rimfire a no-go?  Thanks for putting this on.
Title: Re: Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot
Post by: victorleewilkinson on July 20, 2014, 08:42:24 PM
I am glad you are planning to come!

The owner of the property lets us shoot .22 rimfire rifles. Of course we can shoot other pistols too. He doesn't want any center fire rifles though.

I have a couple of springers so it will be interesting in seeing some PCPs in action.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Title: Re: Labor Day weekend Kansas Shoot
Post by: victorleewilkinson on August 23, 2014, 11:08:14 PM
One week left. I hope some others show up. So far just vtmactech and I have confirmed. The prairie dog town we were going to hunt at was purchased by the municipal airport. Even though it is in the country, the city is not gun friendly so that is out.

My wife's school shut down and she was moved to a brand new school. I will be in and out over the weekend to help her move into her new classroom.

This weekend's forecast looks great! Highs in the upper 80s with a slight chance of 4 - 6 inches of snow. The evenings are warm but cool down to the upper 60s near sunrise with a chance of basketball sized hail just after sun up.

Hope to see some of you step up and participate so we can post some Kansas fun shoot pics.

If you need directions and my contact info the message me.