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GTA's Fifth Annual Fun Shoot Coming In May 2011.

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Just a reminder that the South Carolina 2011 Fun Shoot will be in May. Just a heads up for those who would like to attend. All details will be posted in the S.C Fun Shoot Forum.


454 Big Block Chevy:
O HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really trying to talk the Wife into a road trip down to brother Genes  for this. ;) Ed

 Cool,  i'll definitely try to make it this year,  J

I was VERY unhappy to have missed last years shoot. I whole heartedly started making my plans for this years. I put vacation on the calendar at work and got the wife to get hers too. Searched for a hotel room and got the vehicle in shape. I STILL plan on making the 8-9 hour trip this year but May is turning out to be a VERY busy month. And unexpected health issues MAY put a damper on ANY thought of a vacation. Will just have to wait and see. But I tell ya, I'm gonna be VERY upset if I have to miss this great event AGAIN.  :-[
Happy Shooting!!!!


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