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***Requested of ALL members***


We have asked before but want to really stress this and ask again. We would like and sometimes NEED your first name and at least the state that you reside in listed in your profile. For our family members outside the USA, please add your first name and province or similar AREA designation. This in no way puts your security in any danger, remember, this still covers a LARGE area and does not pinpoint you. :)
It's just nice to know our family members first name and where they actually are. We are looking into making this a required blank to fill for new member applications.
One of the many benefits is we can SEE how many folks are in a specific area when setting up an event. And PLEASE add your pin to the members map. This is a fantastic resource and you can quickly see if there are fellow GTA members nearby. It's always great to get together and sling lead!!!

We take great care in protecting our membership information and would not put your privacy at risk knowingly. Any time you log onto the internet you can be at risk. But we try harder than most to keep our GTA family information safe.
Thanks for adding this information to your account settings!!!
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Bump....needs to be asked again.

I find it nice to see what state, or country, people are located in.   

As one who travels all over in my line of work I agree.
I use the members map every time I'm travelling and have hooked up with some of the great Members here.
Soon I'll be able to bring my own toyz with me also!!


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