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I was impressed last year when I got mine. They actually fit pumkin size heads like mine. So I bought another one... :)  Actually time to order an new one. I like the new colors.


Gene, that's what I needed to know. I have a long goofy head and hats that fit are really hard to find (I buy them when I find them).

Dave, putting in my order to help support GTA in $ and brand.


Thanks Dan. I have a Rottweiler head myself.  :P
I just placed the order for the caps and just FYI, there's really no profit in these and not why I am offering them. I'm investing my own money in them and just selling them to recuperate my money to get GTA merchandise out there to the members that want them.
So very much thanks for showing your GTA pride. Will let you know as soon as they arrive and go out to you.

Gene you only have 1 hat?  I got 3 last Fall.  Or maybe 4?  I don't know, I got several of them, just ask Dave :)  He just kept shipping more to me, hehe ;D  I gave one to my wife's nephew and I am wearing a GTA hat now.  I usually do even around the house.  Keeps my head warm so I can lower the heat :)  That only lasts 5 min. and my wife puts it back up again :)

Dave, I hope I don't owe you any more $ :)  I think we are all squared away.  I heard you took a vacation after my sale :)  NOT! ;D

2 --515PC bluesdaddy


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