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YouTube is up to it again, and we've frankly had it...

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YouTube is up to it again, and we've frankly had it...

We've started a channel on -  Why?  Keep reading...

For these last several days, I've been on chat support and emailing back and forth with YouTube over their demonetizing our content. It's clear they don't understand their own guidelines and how they apply.  It's exhausting, and we are essentially done fighting with them.  We make next to nothing from YT revenue, so why do we care?

Well, we care not only because of the loss of potential revenue but also the fact that "ads-limited" videos are not recommended like ads-compliant videos.  This can really limit how many people see our videos, which impacts our sponsors.

So what are we going to do about it?  We've made a lot of changes this year to diversify our content across several platforms and websites:
(Grip Reviews)

As you can see, we've been hard at work to make sure that regardless of what YouTube does, our content will continue to remain available and grow.  To that end, we've started a Patreon Channel ( and are asking folks to step up to help support the in-depth airgun content we want to continue to produce.  We know that Angie does a great job with the GRiP reviews, and I'm going to be dedicating time to getting back to the full "Old School Airgun Reviews" as I get on the other side of the Chemo treatments.  But with YouTube essentially cutting off the potential of any meaningful revenue to help offset production and employee costs, we simply don't have the funding to make it happen like we want.  This is where we hope Patreon can help.

We will have "public" content on Patreon as well as Patron Only content.  The Public content will be all the normal content we produce across all our channels. 

For our Patrons, we are going to start by offering our long-form videos AD-FREE and well ahead of their release on the secondary channels, which will have ads.  We are currently deciding if we will publish them on YouTube at all, so Patreon and our own channels may be the only places to see our long-form review content.

As we learn more about how the system works, we'll add additional tiers to include our behind-the-scenes footage, live streams, and more.  We are very excited about the possibilities and hope that you'll join us!

Don't upset the KARENS ...
CANCEL culture ...
Going WOKE ...

YT's been doing this for a LONG time before the whole cancel culture thing emerged....Umarex had their corporate YT channel taken down couple years ago. After the lawyers got involved, it was back up about 4 hours later. IMO YT deliberately hides the community guidelines, but even if you can find them they are so vaguely written that you use them to make the case that chocolate milk is a threat to society.....

My complaint with YT over this is their hypocritical inconsistencies.. they claim much of shooting sports vids "are a threat to society" (the whole guns are bad mentality) yet allow vids showing how to make thermite, construct machine gun nests, show lethality tests of many projectiles, home made body armor/how to defeat body armor, how to move as a squad, alternate loadings of shotgun rounds...... yet somehow airguns are weapons of mass destruction.


--- Quote from: Motorhead on July 31, 2023, 12:26:35 PM ---Don't upset the KARENS ...

--- End quote ---

Good advice no matter the subject ... :)

Hey there all..

I'm well aware of YT's position. I had my channel taken down back in 2018 as well.  It took two weeks to get it back and it has never really recovered.  Very few folks, that don't do this for a living, understand the costs and time that's involved to create quality content and get it published.  It's a full-time job for several people here at AirgunWeb and GTA.  It's why we were trying to create additional revenue streams and thought that we had figured out a way to do so given some progress to this put.  So when YouTube now just moves to cripple our ability to compete for views in what seems to be a totally arbitrary way, we have to look at other ways to continue moving forward.

One of the main reasons that I acquired the GTA was so that we would have an independent place under our control where we and other creators (that's what the GTA ARK is for) put their content.  What we need people to do is to stop using YouTube.  It's why we are going to NOT put some of our content out on YT for free.  We'll learn pretty quickly if people actually care. We hope they do.  But we are going to find out for sure.



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