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Extended Notos muffler inserts

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The 12 FPE .22 Notos PCP is quiet from the factory.  For those who want to hear the hammer drop on firing, rather than the muzzle pop, I offer an extended insert, in two flavors: 

With grooves to hold O-rings, to help center the insert in the stock Notos housing; and a version without the O-ring grooves.

See images below to understand the differences.   STL print files are attached directly below.

As the above Notos custom insert works rather well, I thought I would offer self-contained versions of the design for general consumption.  These may be attached directly as printed, to any platform that has a matching male threaded stud. 

While these bits are intended for 12 fpe, they should be good to 30 FPE.  For .177 and .22 only.

The first version below has a 1/2 - 20 UNF female thread. 
The second has a 13/16 - 28 female thread.  That is the same thread as a stock Marauder shroud; so a male thread adaptor will be required.

The STL files are attached directly below.

Finished doing the 1/2x20 inspired. Used my AirMax .22 for test.
No ldc 111.4 dBA
With Donny tanto 99.2
Inspired ldc 96.1

Wow, Mike; thanks for your swift work

I hope your result encourages more people to try it.

Oh, by the way, what pellet weight and velocity were those sound values captured at?

I don't want to be an ingrate, Mike, but do you have a 12 FPE .22 platform that you could try this LDC on?   Tested with the same setup as the Airmax.

Thanks again


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