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 since I don't have my own thread set up here yet I decided to change this and  all new videos, equipment and knowledge for long range LR and extremely long range ELR airgun shooting I would share here and start with a new video where the measurements BC of our ATP King .22 40gr slugs.
For our slugs, I highly recommend using the G7 function for the ballistic calculator, not G1.

as the shape of the Altaros ATP slugs due to BT is more similar to the shape for the G7 function. I have this  verified in real shoting for hundreds of meters, but also for shooting over 1000-1500m

If you have any questions about long range airgun shooting, post them here and I'll try to answer them.

HI there, and welcome to the Long Range Club Gate.... We look forward to you becoming a member.... Perhaps you can be the first to qualify at 300+ yards.... Note there are official targets and rules, you can find them here....

At 300 yards, we would use 3" for 3 MOA.... That means the 4 MOA circle used for qualification would be 12" diameter, and the top level (Master) would require 5 shots within a 6" circle, and all within a 3" group, center-to-center.... No other holes are permitted in the target, covered or not.... You must provide the required photos to show target and group size, range and gun used.... Give it a try!....


Hi Bob,
thanks for the welcome.
I discovered this contest when I started this thread. I plan to print the classic A4 (I don't want to glue 2x A4 into one A3, I think the size will be enough) paper format and use it at 238m, where I have a standard shooting range, and then expand it to 300 and maybe 400 yards.
In 95% of cases I shoot alone without other shooters, but I will add classic proof things, such as scope cam video, laser distance measurement video.
Hopefully it will start to get warmer and I will have more conditions for more frequent shooting, so I don't see a problem in that regard.
The only place where there might be a bit of a problem now is with the scope for the rifle, as it is a classified project for this time until will by ready for market. But I assume that if you see that the flight time was long enough, I probably didn't shoot it with firearms and the .22LR would be a burden for me, not an improvement over the airgun.

We trust people to be doing what they are saying.... The photos are just in the rules, as is measuring the 4 MOA ring on the target....


The conditions haven't been quite right yet, but I'm adding the first target at 261 yards.
So I count on the 200yard label and if I understand correctly, I should fit into the class: Sharpshooter

I'll do 300 yards next time I get a chance.


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