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JTS Dead Center Pellets... DEAD ON!

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Wuzz Gowin Owin Peeple?  8)

  Well, I have been shooting some JTS .22 Caliber Dead Center lead domed pellets in 18.10gr and believe me when I tell you this guys and gals, these suckers are NICE! Packed with foam top and bottom, bright clean lead with little to no deformity, screw off lid... These things are pretty cool. If you want to see them for yourselves, check out this video Airgun Angie put out from Shot Show 2023 that she is sharing on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

So far I have shot them through five different PCP's. Loaded one mag with my goto ammo which is JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.13 gr, and loaded a second mag with the Dead Centers in 18.10gr. The results are equal or better grouping on the same target at the same distance.

The PCPs I shot them through so far are:

* AVA Bullpup and Conventional
* Gauntlet 1
* Huben K1
* Brocock Commander
* FX Dream-Tac CompactThe distances were 50 and 75 yards and if I did not load the magazines myself I would swear I was shooting nothing other than JSB. This is going to allow a lot more shooters to afford to shoot clean well made accurate ammo.

Great so far, I'm going to do a video of these in action in a series of short videos, like 2mins each or something that showcases these things in action. I love it when something elevates our sport and saves a few bucks at the same time!  :D

Just received a few tins of .22 & .25's myself.
Not shot em yet, but looking them over very very well formed / uniform looking.
Clean and chaff free in aluminum screw top tins. 250ct in .22 & 150ct in .25

Looking forward to trying some out in .22 soon!

how do i get some of these?

It's good to see some reviews landing. I'll try a tin or two in 22 cal when they are available. The slugs are what I'm excited about.


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