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Will Piatt

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This is very sad news.  I was just talking to my new next  door neighbor yesterday and he mentioned his son having issues with his Evanix Rainstorm.  I recommended that he sends it to Will Piatt.   
RIP Will.


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--- Quote from: pyramydair on June 04, 2022, 05:58:16 PM ---RIP, Will

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+2 Prayers and condolences to Will's family and friends.

RIP; condolences to his family...

MI Yeti:
I never had the chance to have any work done by Will. But He gave me a list of the o-ring sizes I needed when resealing my dragon claw saving me a ton of trail and error. I had asked him a couple other questions and he always responded when he had the time. He will be missed, his family will be in my prayers. RIP Will.

A.Z. in SC:
Hate to see this. Huge loss to the community.


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