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--- Quote from: jtipton91 on January 02, 2023, 02:54:50 PM ---I need a moderator for a flashpup made if anybody knows who can do it?

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Please do not use this thread for asking for services. PM the members directly or ask in the general 3D print gate.

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ok. Sorry about that.

Tony R MKmachining:
I  a help run a professional 3D printing bureau/firearm parts manufacture. If admin allowed, I would like to offer services or expertise/advice. I do not want to compete against members of this forum and take money away from them, but if the job is really complicated or if no one is available, I would be happy to help. We do one off and custom jobs for many forum members on other sites, so we are experienced with this. A lot of our retail optic/firearm accessories came from forum member ideas and they helped us design and test them.

Member: Tony R MKmachining

Printer in use: Hewlett-Packard Multi Jet Fusion 5210 Pro (MJF), Syntratec (SLS), FormLabs 3+ (SLA) as well has various FDM printers, **Coming soon, Desktop Metals Shop system (binder jet metals)
Materials: MJF (Nylon11, Nylon12, TPA [mid durometer]), SLS (TPU [high durometer]), SLA (whatever, if we don't stock a small upcharge), FDM (all of them) **Binder Jet (17-4 Stainless)
Resolution: Sky's the limit, depends on printing style and your needs (MJF is the nicest)
Custom design: employ two full time CAD/Firearm engineers, yes
Turnaround time: Depends on quantity, rush fees accepted. Mid/low level quantity usually 3-4 weeks.
Bulk orders: love them, but a quantity from 1 - 10,000
International welcome

Hi Tony,

It looks like you could make some good stuff with that equipment! 

What tolerances can you hold on OD / ID in the 8 to 40 mm range, or are all interfaces machined afterwards?

Can you print threads, or do you cut / chase them after printing?

Tony R MKmachining:
As far as tolerances, that depends on what you need and what machine or printing type you need the products manufactured from. We do not currently machine interfaces afterwards currently, but we can contract someone to do so. We really do not need to though if the products are from SLA or MJF (MJF is much preferred).

Our MJF powder bed printers can hold ~0.003" tolerance [sorry, I talk to Gun guys in the U.S. so we use inches :) ], but that is a general rule of thumb. We manufacture the Katana & Tanto Night Vision housing/bridges for Nocturn Industries (look them up). We print the individual pods where the ocular/objective holes run along the z-axis. We hold 0.001" tolerance on the z-axis on these parts.

We prefer to print threads, but there are some instances where this is not preferred. Printed threads from Nylon11 & Nylon12 out of our MJF machine are great and hold up really well, but ultimately, they are plastic threads. We can design the product so that you can insert a hex/square nut into the model or press in a threaded brass insert. We can print some very "fine" threads that hold up very well though. For an example, we print 10-32 and 1/4-20 threads all the time and they do not need any post processing like tapping or chasing threads. Finer (think 4-40 tpi or finer) threads may need to be tapped is they are in a "female hole".

Thanks, Tony

I think the next aspect people may wonder about, is cost.   I suppose a person would need to submit a file and specify the material to get a quote?  How do you compare to Xometry and Protolabs price-wise?

As a for instance, what the mag rotors cost to print from nylon (or other suitable plastic), posted here:
Note ZIP file containing two STLs.

Note to GTA moderator:  I am asking these questions, not because I am soliciting services, but because it is general info that people would want, to determine if they want a project quoted.


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