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Welcome to the fifth 100 yard match of 2019. This match will run for 4 weeks. The rules and targets can be found at the rules and targets thread for this match
Post a scan or picture of the target by the end of the day Sunday August 25 2019
If you are not a member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also. All the rules to becoming a member of the NUAH Club must be followed also.

Please include with you submission:

Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share(weather,pictures, etc)

Have Fun and Enjoy the match.

Results... will be posted ongoing as the match progresses at the bottom of this post. I will break down the scores by the different calibers shot.

Blue -                46/50 1X 1.875"ctc

mr007s -           50/50 1X 1.000"ctc
Fussell -            47/50 1X 2.09"ctc
Knothead -        46/50 2.50"ctc

Fussell -            50/50 4X 0.925"ctc

Airgun-"CRACKER JACK" my  Georgia Air tuned Cricket Bull pup-25 Cal.
Sights-Cheap BSA 4-14x44 FFP Tatical MIL-MIL
Pellet/Bullet-Weighed JSB 25 cal 34 grain
Position- Bench, Bipod Front--Caldwell bag rear
Score and Group Size-50/50----1 inch c-t-c----1X

Have not had this shooter out in probably 8 months. Been busy with the Edgun, Mutant, R7, P17, Daisy 880, Crosman 2240, and other things(WIFE)

My opinion, these Crickets dont get the credit they deserve.

(EDIT to add 1X)

Ray, that looks like a 1X.... but the group is spectacular.... congrats....


Thanks Bob, I forgot to put that in my post. :-[

Awesome group Mr. Ray, and I agree, those Charlie Frear PT Crickets don't get the praise they deserve.
I have a question. Do most of the NUAH shooters, zero at say 50 or 60 yds. Then use hold over at the 100 yd mark?
I've got my Boss zeroed at 55 yds and still have a 7 stadia holdover at 100 yds with Sightron on 30 power.

I have a Mueller 8-32x44 on my .22 PT Cricket but it's zeroed at 28 yds. Don't have enough mildots for holdover at the 100 yd mark with scope on 24 power. I gotta refigure with a new zero to give it a whirl. Don't know how you guys do it on lower scope power? With all this 100 yd shooting, now I have to remember hold unders as well as holdovers for the closer stuff!

All this 100 yd shooting is new ground for me. I've mostly stayed inside 60yds. I did manage a few 1.25" hundred yd groups with the Cricket when I had the Sightron mounted on it. Just trying to work it out where I can try it with the Mueller.

If I can, I'll give it a whirl with 3 guns this time. The .22 Cricket, the .30 Boss, and the .25 FX 500 if it gets here before this contest ends.

Thanks for letting me get in on the excitement!

edited in correct so many get them mixed up


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