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--- Quote from: rsterne on July 06, 2018, 02:01:56 AM ---Way to go, Brett.... you did a nice job colouring that target, BTW.... should be easy to see and center on at 100 yds.... I'm curious, will a MilDot fit inside, or does it cover the X-ring?....


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Thanks Bob!

I shoot 100 yards on 20x and the scope I have (Hawke Tactical Sidewinder 30) has the 20X half mil dot reticle.  Iím zeroed at 50 yards so I holdover at the 4th mil dot down at 100.  I have to make some elevation and windage adjustments to get on at that dot. 

I would guess that the dot fills half of the X circle.  Thatís partly why I colored just the 10 ring, so I could aim at the center.  I also wanted to see the pellet holes.  I can barely make them out in the white X but they are invisible in the 10 ring with the red.  Previously, I was shooting the target with the black X circle but the mil dot was lost in it and I couldnít see when the X was hit.

Next time, if I remember, Iíll try and get a picture through the scope at 100 yards and post it so you can see it. 

About the target...  I colored it with a red marker and I make copies of the original so I only had to color one.  I experimented with a couple other colors, orange and pink, but red copies the best and is still easy to see.  I may try a yellow highlighted one or use the green and yellow one sometime.

Good shooting guys. Should be an interesting match.


--- Quote from: rsterne on July 05, 2018, 03:43:16 PM ---Nice shooting, David !!!


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Thanks Bob.


--- Quote from: bReTt on July 06, 2018, 01:32:18 AM ---Brett Peterson (bReTt)
FX Streamline .22 cal
Hawke 6.5-20x42  20X
JSB 18.1
100 yards
Seated, bipod, rear bag
0 calm
50/50 1X  .78Ē group

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That is one impressive target... Well done!!!


--- Quote from: d.lead.slinger on July 05, 2018, 10:36:16 AM ---d.lead.slinger
.25 Taipan Vet.
Monstrum Tactical 4-14 FFP scope
Using .25 cal 25 grain JSBs
Shooting from a bench. Bipod on front bag in back
Winds were 0mph.
Group size is 1.19 ctc
Scored 50/50 with 3Xs.

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Well done!  3X is amazing.  Really 4X but I understand scoring down if breaking the ring. 
I love the sound of a .25 pellet wizzing through the air.  I almost bought .25 when I bought this Streamline.  I shoot a lot so I went with .22 for cheaper pellets.  Not sure if thatís the best reasoning or not but I am happy with my rifle so itís all good.

How many targets did you have to shoot to get that target? 

I shot 10.  5 one day and 5 yesterday evening.  Itís amazing how much the wind effects the pellets. 


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