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Dead last lol. Well at least I get a participation trophy. 8) Look forward to the next one!


--- Quote from: marty2 on April 30, 2018, 08:05:10 AM ---And the scores for the first match are:
1. UpNorthAirGunner   50/50 2X .890" ctc     .457
2. mm007s                 50/50 2X 1.305 " ctc  .22
3. Blue                       49/50 1X 1.07" ctc.    .22
marty2                       48/50 1X 1.32" ctc.    .30
aceflier                       47/50 1.69" ctc          .457

Good shooting everyone.

--- End quote ---

Nice shooting everyone!  That was fun.  I don't think I will ever be able to top that group with the .45 Texan - so I am going to use the .25 Talondor for future shoots.  Thanks for doing these - love it!


--- Quote from: aceflier on April 30, 2018, 12:32:08 PM ---Dead last lol. Well at least I get a participation trophy. 8) Look forward to the next one!

--- End quote ---
   1.69 group with the Texan .45 - that my friend was a FINE example of big bore shooting!   A lot of guys get into big bores and think it is going to be like shooting their .22 / .25 with pellet on pellet action - ummm nope.  Everything is amplified with these things.  Harmonics - muzzle air turbulence - recoil all make these big bores exponentially more challenging for accuracy.  When I get frustrated I keep telling myself this is my deer hunting gun and as long as those pills land within a 6 inch circle - I've got meat in the freezer!

Chris good shooting. I hope to see a 200+ target from you soon. Me and Doug need some competition. We're the only ones that has tried it so for and mine was not a great group but enough to get me into the 200 club.


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