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RESULTS ADDED...100 Yard Air Rifle Match # 7-2017

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--- Quote from: rsterne on November 11, 2017, 07:48:28 PM ---You're supposed to CHANGE things to shoot at 100 yds?.... I just use a whole bunch of MilDots holdover....

THAT's explains my scores.... *facepalm*....  ::)


--- End quote ---

Hah, made me laugh Bob, thanks!

Actually, I hate changing anything once I'm getting the results I'm happy with so when I take my Mrod out to shoot at 100 yards I leave it where it's set for 10 meter basement work.

I usually use the bottom post at the end of the mil dots and "aim" with that towards the top of the target sheet.  Seems to work so far but one of these days I might try resetting for a longer distance and see if I can break into the Master division.


Alright, alright, alright, I got to the range this morning and came back with an acceptable submission.

Mrod, gen. 2, .22
CP 4-16x44
H&N FTT 5.53
49/50 2x, group=1.45"

edit: changed to 49/50, I forgot the "must be completely inside the line" rule, x's still good

Here's the target and just for giggles a view of my holdover through the scope. If there's no wind that's where I start aiming for the top target.


This was the last match of the season. Thanks to everyone that participate and I hope to see you all as well as some new competators next year.

marty2 - 49/50  2X  1.434" CTC
Blue -     49/50  2X  1.45" CTC

Good shooting Blue.


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