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Results Added.... 100 Yard Air Rifle Match # 2-2017

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Welcome to the second 100 yard match. This match will run for 4 weeks. The rules and targets can be found at the rules and targets thread for this match
Post a scan or picture of the target by the end of the day Sunday June 25 2017

If you are not a member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also. All the rules to becoming a member of the NUAH Club must be followed also.

Please include with you submission:

Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share(weather,pictures, etc)

Have Fun and Enjoy.

Results... will be posted ongoing as the match progresses at the bottom of this post. I will break down the scores by the different calibers shot.

Gold -     mr007s
Silver -   Nitrocrusher
Bronze - marty2(30 cal.)
               marty2(25 cal.)

mr007s             50/50  1X  1.20 CTC  Pellet
Nitrocrusher-    50/50  1X  1.244  CTC  Pellet
Blue -               46/50  Pellet

marty2 -            50/50  1X  1.593  CTC  Pellet
d.lead.slinger - 49/50  3X  1.64  CTC  Pellet
rsterne -           49/50  1X  1.53" CTC  Pellet
Aged -              49/50  3X  1.25"  CTC  Pellet

Tims229 -         50/50        1.247"  CTC  Pellet
marty2 -           50/50  1X  1.333"  CTC  Pellet

I got a chance to take out my Hatsan AT-44 S10 Long today, tuned to shoot the 34.2 gr. JSB Heavies at 960 fps (70 FPE).... I spent quite a bit of time dialing in the Air Stripper, and I can now tell you that they certainly do affect the group size, changing it from 3" down to about 1.5" and back again, twice over an adjustment range of 1/2".... The two best positions were about 1 caliber and 1.5 calibers of gap between the cone and the muzzle, with the 1.5 cal. gap being slightly better, and having a bit wider "sweet spot".... but even so, the best groups were obtained only over about a 1/16" range of adjustment.... I ended up adjusting the gap just 0.010" at a time to minimize the group size.... I was using a Hawke SR12, 6-18 x 44 AO, set at 18 X.... I was using my Vanguard rest with the rear cradle removed and replaced with a bag, with the butt against my shoulder.... I shot quite a few targets, this was the highest score, 49/50 - 1X.... I am submitting a different target for an upgrade to Expert, because it had a smaller group but a lower score....

I wasn't 100% sure about the X's, so I inserted a JSB .25 cal pellet in the holes and rescanned it, along with a ruler showing the group size.... You can plainly see that one X is inside, the other is touching the line, so it doesn't count as an X.... The group measures 1.53" C-T-C....

I'm really pleased with the way this rifle is preforming.... It's a great combination of power and accuracy, and I get 1 full 9-shot magazine per fill at 70 FPE with about a 2% ES, from 2800 psi down to 2200.... I can get more shots with a wider ES using a 2900 psi (200 bar) fill and 2100 psi refill, of course.... When shooting 5-shot groups, I fill only to 2700 psi to tighten the ES to about 1% over 5 shots, refiling from about 2350 psi....


Great shooting Bob. You set the bar high on the first target.


That's killing it Bob.....way to go.


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