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Results Added.... 100 Yard Air Rifle Match # 1-2017

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Welcome to the first of the official 100 yard matches. This match will run for 4 weeks. The rules and targets can be found at the rules and targets thread for this match
Post a scan or picture of the target by the end of the day Sunday May 28 2017

If you are not a member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also. All the rules to becoming a member of the NUAH Club must be followed also.

Please include with you submission:

Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share(weather,pictures, etc)

Have Fun and Enjoy.

Results... will be posted ongoing as the match progresses at the bottom of this post. I will break down the scores by the different calibers shot.

Nitrocrusher -          49/50  3X  Pellet  1.246" CTC  SILVER
bReTt -                    49/50  1X  Pellet  2.03" CTC    BRONZE
Blue -                      46/50        Pellet  2.6"   CTC

mr007s -                 50/50  2X  Pellet  1.00" CTC    GOLD

marty2 -                  47/50  1X  Pellet  2.07" CTC
rsterne -                  41/50        Pellet  1.53" CTC

sixshootertexan -    46/50  1X  Bullet

aceflier -                  45/50       Bullet  2.0"  CTC

I tried to shoot this yesterday but life just didn't let it happen.  Almost didn't happen today either.  It was an absolute beautiful day until the afternoon.  The waves of thunder, lightning, wind, rain and hail started moving through.  In between the brief storms, it would get really calm.  I had set up to shoot and went in to print the targets.  When I came out everyone had scrambled in the house... the rain had started!  I rushed out and lifted the table and all and set it under the carport to stay dry.  I wiped the rifle down and waited... 

When the calm came I set up and popped off 5 shots.  I could barely see the center of the target through the tall grass in the back.  I wandered back to the target not expecting much since I couldn't see where the pellets were hitting.  I was surprised to how close the holes were placed! 

Hawke Sidewinder 6.5-20  20X
JSB 15.89  .22 cal
Seated front and rear bag
49 1X

Hawke Tactical Sidewinder 20X

Excellent Target Brett.

I wouldn't balk about that one at all, nice shooting brett.

Nice shooting Brett ...... I think we need to be under 1" at 100yards to compete with the targets that I think will get posted for this match?  Lot of good PCP's, and shooters to post.

Marty, thanks for running this, it is fun and appreciated.  This week has been absolutely awful weather here in Western PA.  Cold, rain, and windy as heck.  I will get a chance to submit a target before the deadline, the bar has been set pretty high by Brett.
Also, want to look into what this NUAH thing is ......



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