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Rules and Targets For the 100 Yard Match (Revised for 2022)


This will be a casual match so you can shoot off a bench or any other position you like. Matches will run for the calendar month, from March to November each year.  No matches in December thru February.  Targets must be shot and submitted during the month the match is running.  Each match is stand-alone, there is no combined scoring, so if you miss one or more, no problem, shoot when you can.

 Rules: 1. Any caliber and any type of Airgun (Rifle, Pistol, PCP, Springer, SSP, Pumper etc).
           2. Pellets or bullets can be used.
           3. You can use a rest, bags, sticks or whatever. NO GUN VICES and the rifle butt must be                                     
               touching the shoulder.                                                                                                                                                                       
           4. Same target to be used for all calibers and 5 shots per target. You have a choice from four
               targets attached below. If using the all white target it is allowable to color in part of the
               target with a transparent highlighter to better see it downrange as long as the black lines
               are still legible. Only clean targets will be accepted, no additional holes, covered or not.
           5. All the info at the bottom of the target must be filled out, group size included, as it will be               
               used as a tie breaker if needed. The target can then also be used as a submission for entry               
               or upgrade in the NUAH Club (the club rules must also be followed).
           6. You can submit 1 target per caliber (ie. .22, .25, .30, etc.) so you have an option to shoot             
               more often.
           7. You must state your NUAH Division in your submission.  In addition to overall results, they will
               also be broken down by Division to allow comparing your results to others of similar skill.
               First time shooters will be scored as "Members". If any target is good enough to qualify in the
               next Division, you are encouraged to submit the target and upgrade prior to the next Match.

 Scoring.... The center bull is an X and all the others rings are the marked value. The shot must be                             
                 totally inside the ring to score that ring. If the shot touches the ring using a scoring gauge                 
                 or your best guesstimation it goes to the lower value (opposite of what is the norm).   

Highest possible score would be 50/50  5X.  In the event of a tie, C-T-C Group Size will be used as the tiebreaker.

Target choices attached below:


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