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marauder regulators?


I read all the old posts on this but wasn't satisfied with the info. any one have or had one and care to elaborate on their experiences with the regulators in the mrod?

uncle paulie:
Might find the info on the Crosman M-rod blog.


thanks. i read several pieces about them all older stuff and mixed results. hoping someone had the magic answer on here.

works great for consistant fps, more shots per fill from 3000psi, but you lose the gauge. so you'll have to count your shots.  bad thing is that regulator is set for 2100psi, so you have to manually turn it down to your desire psi and count your shots to get as many shots for that fps.  I took mine out.  want the gauge instead.  if you shot FT, then regulator is what you need.  I like to run 1500-2100psi in my marauder.

i'm not concerned about the gauge as much as i would like to gain the consistency WITHOUT losing velocity. I am going to try and shoot it around the upper 9's or more if at all possible.? i seen a video on utube that over 30 maybe 40 shots it varied about 10fps. That's pretty good consistency in my book. being consistent can't hurt my accuracy, may not help but definitely won't hurt it. 


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