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pcp question

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 I will be buying a pcp pretty soon either air force condor/ or benjamin discovery.

And was wondering if I could use this to fill either of them it is a 4500 psi 68 cubic inch Tank.

This was given to me today for free, the owner of the company I am the forman for said he didn't need it anymore for his paint ball guns.
I just looked on the internet and it says it has 800 psi output pressure is this enough. Rob

Yes...You should be able to use that to fill, with the correct fittings/connectors. Joe will have everything you need, you can call him and he will answer all questions too.

The only things I think you will have to worry about are where to get it filled, because not all scuba shops fill to 4,500psi. And I think those carbon fiber tanks have a 15-20 year "life span"

But who cares for FREE?

you'd be able to fill that Disco forever!

Edit just saw Cubic In. ....not ft.

so maybe this is better as a buddy bottle?

look for the normal output nut and you can move the low output valve over to make use of 4500psi.  if you use it as is, you will only probably only 900psi out of it bc of the regulator.

eddielee there is a lp nut with 1.8k on it
there is a hp nut with 7.5k on it
there is a quick connect fitting says 4500 psi DZG
and the big valve at the top.
what do I move to make use of 4500 psi, if you could explain a little please.Rob

look like you only have one meter and one input valve and one blow off nut.  I can't see where the fourth on the other side is.   the lp nut rated at 1.8k psi will probably blow off at 1200psi.  the hp nut rated to 7.5k psi, but usually there is copper disk in there that blows off at 5k psi to protect the tank from blowing up on you.  if you don't have any more hp output holes, then you'll have to use the meter hole to connect a hose to fill your pcp and use your pcp meter to prevent overfill.  do keep the hp blowoff nut.  the lp nuts are useless unless you are filling only to 1200psi which is mostly it's max.  I have like 4 different kind of paintball air tanks where I use to play paintball.  They are over their life line from year 2000, so I don't use them for safety.


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