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A Mainer's DIY "Flipping" Target


Hello Fellow Mainers,

Thought I’d post the results of my new “flipping target”.  This one is small in size and has only one row of 5 “flippers”.  The first “flipping target” I made was a bit too big and had two rows of “flippers” and awkward for my wife to carry down to the target area.  This one is not only smaller, but lighter in weight.   I used pine boards for the sides, top and bottom.

Between the outside nuts of each “flipper” you will notice a 1/4" clear, plastic tubing that will help in keeping the nuts secure to the washers.  In the old “flipping target”, after the flippers would flip around, the nuts would get loose and would have to be re-tightened.  I’m hoping the plastic tubing will stop this from happening.

A second improvement is a removable 3/4" plywood back wall.  I also stapled a sheet of roll aluminum to one side of this removable wall to help stop any pellets from penetrating to the outside rear wall.

The new “flipping target” is 20" wide X 12" deep X 13 1/2" high.  The double back wal is 17" high.  The threaded rod is located 6" up from the bottom and 4" in from the edge of the open end.

It works just fine and the cedar “flippers” can take hits from my AA S510 and AA TX200 and Pro Sport with no problems.


Nice looking target there Fred.


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