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Highest psi Hand pump for pcp's?

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 Hey guys,  i was wondering what kind of fill pressures your hand pumps are capable of, i'll soon be in need of 3300-3500psi and would like to use my 3200psi tanks to fill and the h. pump to top it off. The only other option is a shoebox compressor and carbon fiber tanks but this gun won't be fired much so a hand pump would be ok. I just sold a Hill pump and i'm willing to bet i'm going to hear "buy a Hill", but i'm curious if any of these pumps will go over 3200 or so psi anyways?  Thanks,  J

I think the Hill Pumps are rated for 3300psi so it won't help you too much and I always filled to 3200psi with mine.

Best price for a Hill Pump is at

Your 3200psi tanks will equalize out the pressure and will make it a whole lot easier to top off with the Hill Pump, but you are still probably talking about two or three 20pump shifts for 40 or 60 pumps to top off. I'm not exact on these numbers, but let's say each shot uses 700 to 800psi. You may be at 2500 after your first shot and 1800 after the second shot. With the Hill Pump I was pumping after the first shot to make it easier on me.

There's nothing wrong with using the Hill Pump and I did it for over a year. The Hill Pump works a whole lot better for the smaller calibers where you are not pumping as often. You will at least need to look for new or used carbon fiber SCBA tanks rated for 4500psi at some point in the future if you are shooting a lot. If you have a place to fill them to 4500 the cost of the shoebox may not make since.  The shoebox is a nice investment and frees you from having to rely on anyone else. It does take several hours to fill a large scba tank.

I picked up 5 or 6 4500psi, 45 minute tanks and will have them for sale at the Arkansas Airgun show. The price should be $150 to $200. Most have 5 or 6 years of life left.

J.R., you may have messed up, but then life is full of those things. O K I will say it and get it out of the way " Buy a Hill". The FX has a four stage that might be eaisier to pump at the higher pressures but I don't know that for sure. The only pump I have used is the Crosman Benji and while it might do above 3000 psi I sure wouldn't spend my money for that one. Not again anyway.

Nomadic Pirate:
The G4 is rated to 3500, I think

I own a three stage FX and with the 5 yr factory warranty AND with readily available rebuild kits AND the ease of pumping to 3000 psi on my M-rod and Windy City, I will never own another pump......but that is just me


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