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so I need one of these?

Yep, that's what we're talking about, for the best protection.... Now, how good a system like I am using is, we have no idea.... Properly serviced (ie not allowed to turn pink) it may do the job fine.... and of course you have to disassemble that filter to inspect the colour of the dessicant, so the same would apply to it.... Now that filters are around that don't cost over $1000, like the SCUBA filters do, it may be worth a look....


so I wonder what the pros and cons of intake vs output drying?  I assume that the desicant would last longer on the output so long as the bleed valve was opened occasionally.  both would probably be best I assume

I wonder if that Diablo dryer would be okay for both input and output? 

the sloth:
The Diablo dryer is loose desiccant media in a cylinder, as seen here:

Compare that to Joe's dryer, which he says uses a valve mechanism and filter element (would be helpful to be able to see the internals):

I'm not an engineer nor a technician, so please keep that in mind... but this write up on filter system design for breathing air will give you a good idea of what it takes to get clean and dry air into our tanks which are designed to hold breathable quality air.

Our air doesn't have to be exactly breathable (odors, carbon dioxide ok), but it must be dry. The problem is that neither the Diablo nor Joe's have any kind of technical data so judging their effectiveness is difficult.


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