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Las Vegas, NV.

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Heya Richard, I'm on the North side near Aliante Casino. So, that makes two of us with airguns here in the desert. lol   8)

Thanks for your contact info, we'll definitely need to head out and sling some pellets!

I know this post is a little old but just wanted to let you guys know I live in Vegas too. Once I get a rifle we should meet up for some plinking.

Edit: spelling

I know this is an old post but I'm a fairly new member and i was wondering if there are any airgunners still here in Vegas?

joshua thompson:
Yup I'm still here. Sure is quiet out here in LV.

Hey JoshuaT,
Any luck finding other pneumatic addicts to shoot with?
Iím currently in Hawaii but considering a move to LV in early 2019. I did some minor searches and looks like LV is mainly a powder burners paradise. Iím imagining what it would be like to be outdoors in 100+ degree heat shooting into the heat vapors coming off the dessert floor. As airgun addicts I know weíll find a way weather itís 20 below or 110.


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