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New toy to play with - XPROD


I travel to a number of Grand Prix matches. Many of them have PFT matches as an additional shoot. I shot a couple in 2012 with a springer pistol that I had made. I wanted something that would be more appropriate so I could join the fun. I had asked for a PROD for Christmas.

I decided to cancel that request and I made a hybrid instead. I have not shot it yet. I used a 1377 grip frame and some Marauder rifle parts. I cut down the tubes and the barrel from the rifle. I was originally configuring a 12fpe rifle for possible play in the WFTF Division at some point but I decided to make it into a 12fpe pistol instead. The barrel on the rifle was not particularly accurate so I did not mind cutting it down. I'll call it the XPROD. I'll see if shoots OK tomorrow.

Nice work Scott.
I'd like to see what numbers you get from it, and what it weighs out at.


--- Quote from: RatRacer on December 20, 2014, 08:10:58 AM ---Nice work Scott.
I'd like to see what numbers you get from it, and what it weighs out at.

--- End quote ---
As a rifle I was getting 120+ shots at 11.5fpe. Regulated volume was 170cc. Barrel length was 20". The regulated volume is now 80cc. And the barrel is now 14.3" long. I'm hoping to get 60 shots at 11.5fpe as a pistol. Weight is 6.5 lbs as shown, including scope, wheel, & mounts.

It'll be a while before I can do extensive testing.

Edit: Did some preliminary testing. I'm getting the shot count and fpe (60 shots at 11.2fpe) but the accuracy is not there yet.


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