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Nomadic Pirate:
Lets start with a saw I took last year with my AR6 .22

Best case scenario would be to wait for a hog to lower the head to the ground and place the shot at the intersection of an X drawn from the hears to the eyes.

But this saw was coming towards me and I was standing leaning on a tree shooting offhand so I had to place the shot a little lower.

Next is the Boar I took a few weeks back with my Stormpup .25

I was up the mountain hunting last week and took the skull back.

This time the shot was equidistant between the eye and ear

I tried to reproduce the shot on my training skull to see exactly what part of the brain was impacted

In the next future I want to go and retrive the 2 Skulls of those Boars I shot with my .357

This is exactly the kind of info that I feel should be shared in an air rifle hunting gate for critters taken at 12 fpe on up...

the more you know about the anatomy of your prey the better.

these are great for showing brain case thickness and angles for those that have never seen them... a very good guide  for go no go shot choices IMO...

Thanks, educated hunters is what will do the most to advance Air rifle Hunting...

Good post Manny.

Thanks for this very helpful & educational post Manny.
But I have a couple questions.
What's the muzzle energy on that evanix?
What was the approximate range at which this boar was taken, & what's the furthest distance you have taken hogs with this AG?
Thanks again for the info.

Very nice entry & exit holes BTW

Nomadic Pirate:
Well, the exit hole is only there because that is my training dry Skull, there's no exit hole in the Boar skull from the video.

I try to keep my shots in the -/+ 30 yards and the Boar was about 28 ?

the Saw I think was about 25 ?

The .25 is a 55-60 FPE gun


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