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With respect, admiration, honor and yes, a little love!!!

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My apologies for digging up a post that is long overdue.

Summing up Gene in a post seems a bit crazy to me; there was so much to the man that I'm sure at least one, if not many entertaining books could be written about his life and his unique perspectives, let alone the vast airgun craftsmanship and expertise stored in that man's head and heart.

My small piece of knowing Gene was a casual friendship that developed in the GTA chat room.  He would always laugh at my silly way of approaching customizing airguns on a budget ("you are trying to be a machinist with a dremel??") and my constant chase of the perfect air rifle.  I had an amazing time getting to know the man and his sense of humor.

He would always poke fun in a light-hearted way, razz me for being a cheapskate, and generally make me enjoy being part of the airgun community.  Sometimes he spoke about the joys of his younger days, the new projects that he would be working on, or field a bunch of questions that new members would have when they joined chat.

I had moderator access at one point and was helping behind the scenes before life got too busy for me to continue.  I thought already knew how much he cared about his extended family (the GTA community), but this peek into the backroom revealed a deeper level of devotion to us; he wanted to ensure that it remained a healthy, warm place for people to share the obsession that is airgunning. He put so much of himself into making this great place for both the new and the veteran.

I am glad I knew the man for the time I did.  I am humbled by and thank him for his service to our country, as well as to the airgunning community.  I wish I was able to make it to the GTA fun shoot the year it was at his home and meet him face to face.  And I regret not coming back sooner to say goodbye to the man.  I wish his family and those who knew him closely continued healing in his absence and peace in the future.

May he rest in peace.

Because of the recent passing of another airgun brother, along with a couple of folks here locally that were friends of mine, I came back for another look at this thread. I'm reminded of how important it is to tell those around us how they have positively affected our lives. And how they have enhanced our lives. We are NOT guaranteed tomorrow. I'm so glad we were able to tell Gene and Bob our thoughts before we lost them.
GOD Bless you both and thanks again for all you did for us that you touched and for all you gave to the entire airgun community. We love you and miss you greatly!!!

You are so.right Dave.  There are some things and especially folks that you can never forget and shouldn't


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