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454 Big Block Chevy:

Could you toss some 14.3 CPHP's over a chrony and give me the numbers please?

Ed... no the other one!

454 Big Block Chevy:
or if you know the FPS with 16 Gr preds, you can just give me that too, it will be what i'd shoot out them.  i found a used .22 panther locally... for a quite nice price.

What shooter do you want me to use for a fps reading bro?. My Panther is a .177 but likes the CPHP'S, FTS and Preds. My Extreme .22 which has been de-tuned shoot's the Preds at 817fps. Ed

My .177 Panther shoot's the CPHP's at 880fps and the Pred's at 817fps if that help's any. Ed

454 Big Block Chevy:
i thought your 34P panther was a .22, the one you always night hunt with.  the one i'm looking at, is a sightless, scopeless, RWS 34P a little beat up, but only 100 bucks... deciding if i should take it.


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