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Is this price for real? HW97

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Was looking around the web and found this.

Too good to be true comes to mind. It's not the 97K only 97 so I would think it is a old listing.

Maybe .20 is going out of style?

No the .20 is still in demand in certain model air guns. If this is not a joke or vendor is not a hoax and they really have them in stock, then that price a better price for a new HW-97 than one that is used...:)  I may just have to buy one of them .20's for myself...:)

It is possible . A month or so ago I was looking at the 97's , and Pyramyd had the Weihrauch .177 for $459 . This was at the same time the Beemans were going for $599. A member at the old site - Creeper - said the Beemans were supposed to be a more "select" grade than the Weihrauch, but putting them next to each other, you couldn't tell the difference. ( I think PA is taking over the Beeman line in the US if I heard correctly) That would explain them moving away from the Weirauch - they only carry the .20 caliber now. This whole Beeman going out of business, Weirauch making the guns thing is very confusing.
  Now as far as the site being legit - You're on your own trying to figure that out. You might try digging around the retailer rating sites

     Hope this helps

By the way - PA still has the 20's for $549 -so $435 is outstanding

The rifle weighs 26.44 lbs, or is that the cocking effort??

These are really hard to find: if anyone has been looking. One of my go-to pest guns.


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