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Testing pellets in the S400 (long)


I finished (if that can be done) testing pellets in the AA S400, .22 cal. A 4-16x50AO scope was used on all test.

I started this test months ago. All test where done on days with calm winds. Some test where done in between rain showers during the two days that hurricane Alex blew threw. Getting a calm wind day on a day off from work is quite hard in South Texas.

Most test were started at the crack of dawn,  just as soon as there was enough light to see, while the wind was calm and I was well rested.

To remove as much of the human error from the test, the rifle was tied down to a gun rest and shot from a rock solid bench.

Starting pressure was 200 bars. I refilled after 25 shots. I didnít pay much attention to the refill pressure due to the gun being tied down and the gauge was not in sight.

Thirty different brands and types of pellets were tested. Each pellet was tested 5 times at 4 different yardages in 5 shot groups. This puts each pellet type shot 100 times. However, some pellets were not tested in all 5 groups. If some of the shots of a brand of pellets missed the target (off paper fliers), I didnít finish shooting the groups. I started off using a couple of pellet sampler from Straight Shooter, which gave me an ideal of what pellets would groups and which wouldnít.

Each 5 shot group was measured with a mm dial caliper from center-to-center. I printed the targets on card stock paper for better holes.

Below is all the 600 test results  :o (just kidding). The results below are the best 5 group average at each of the 4 different yardage.

At 15 yards (the closest test) the JSB Exact Jumbo Express 14.3gr averaged the best. The five shot, 5 groups averaged at .18 of an  inch.

The best 30 yard average was the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.1gr at .41 of an inch.

At 40 yards the JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo 15.9gr did the best with a .62 of an inch average.

The best average at 50 yards was the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.1gr with a .73 of an inch average.

Out of the top five groups (not averages) from each yardage, The JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.1gr had the most repeats (6) within the top five. Beemam Kodiak 21.1gr and JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo 15.9gr both hold second place for most repeats out of the top five at four repeats.

Just to be fair to the pellets that didnít make the top five list, the Beeman Lasers did the worst. Gamo Magnums were not much better.

Well boys and girls, The sun is up and there is no wind, time to go shoot my BB gun. Oh, Iím putting the Talon SS .177 threw the same test. :D

(Edited in) Below is a picture of the S400 all tied up. I couldn't figure-out how to put a picture up in the text.


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