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Bam B-50

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Does anyone here have any experience with this rifle? MM has them listed on his site on sale for $ 239.00.

What John said, and at that price, it's a deal.  Be prepared to do a fair amount of tweaking, they invariably need some fine tuning and general smoothing right out of the box.  There's a document call "The Book" that's a collection of tuning tips and tricks for the BAM B50/51.  If you want a copy, email me and I'll send you one.  BTW, the B51 stock is a much better fit for the average human than the B50 IMO, and the thumbhole just looks cool :-).  Easy rifle to work on, and they can make good power and be very accurate.  If you're not comfortable working on them yourself, you can always contact Big Ed, he's the BAM tune meister:  Later.


Now you have me looking at it Gary!! What do you need to fill one of these, adapter/fitting wise. An how big of a pain to use a pump like the Hill till I get my tank's in.

Not sure on the fill but I think it is a qd like what you have for the Prod. These were a hot item a few years ago but got kicked to the bottom of the gota have list due to the Disco and others. It seems to be a good buy I'm pulling a Darryl and kicking tires.

Thank's John. The gun is looking better since it has the same fill port as the Crosman's. An run's the same price as a Disco right now.


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