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Gary J albouthabenjamins:
Does anyone know where to post a question  I've been going through different pellets in my 177 gamo magnum gen 2 I was wondering if maybe someone could point me in the right direction ty

Hoosier Daddy:
Here is the Gamo Gate....

It took some figuring but I'm on the map.

I'm in. Looks like it's kinda lonely around here.


--- Quote from: ricohlumix on March 08, 2022, 09:33:36 PM ---I'm in. Looks like it's kinda lonely around here.

--- End quote ---

I go up near Colchester for work sometime.  If you want, PM me a way to contact you, and I'll notify you if I'm headed there and have a few minutes to spare.  I'm south of Jacksonville, about 2 hours away from you.


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