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Target sizes?


Just curious but how come the GTA 10m rifle matches dont use a true 10m target? I know we all arent all Olympic hopefulls but why do we use a larger target?  I ordered some 10m rifle cards from PA and almost thought they where wrong until I used TargetScan to score them.  The ouside ring fits inside the 7 ring on our GTA targets.  What is our target compairable too? Or is it just for here a scaled UP 10m target?  Im gonna keep practing on my TRUE 10m cards.  Maybe it will make me better for this up coming GTA season

Have you seen the targets used in Brushy Bill's 60 Round Standing Rifle Challenge in the Targe Shooting Discussion Gate?  You're right, after getting used to the 10 meter targets, the Gamo-based targets used in the GTA official matches seem HUGE, and a lot easier to hit the 10 ring.  I hope that is a lasting effect.


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