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JM New-Sonnixxs Diana 350 Magnum Kit w/seal.


Here is a picture of the weight that has to be removed in order to use his new New-Sonnixxs Diana 350 Magnum Kit w/seal. With the T05 or T06 triggers. I am not sure what has changed with the spring but it may be that it is the same wire size but Jim may have opened it up some. It looks to be longer which would explain the new design.

Like Jim say it will improve your velocity depending on how healthy your action is.

NOTE: Velocity depends on several factors. Seal fit, condition, and hardness, quality of tube ID., Breech chamfer, barrel length, choke, barrel tightness, ammunition used, breech seal height, elevation, lubricants, and so on.

Also remember that there is a difference between a home tune and a pro tune... on the outcome.


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