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A better way to search the forums

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If you want a specific, exact search using the GTA search just put quotes around your topic. Such as "Sumatra .25" . This will return only those results. This also works with Google.

Great info. Thanks for sharing

Learn something new everyday.


--- Quote from: Steveoh on March 21, 2014, 01:53:45 PM ---SMF Forums are great. I love the software. But the search function can be pretty dismal.

So,  a better way to search is to go to google:

Type in: <what you want to search for minus the brackets> such as: sumatra .25 carbine

Much, much better results.


--- End quote ---

Have done this some myself - thanks for getting the word out!

For the best easiest way to search a forum try this (Said I wasn't able to post a link, so)

Do a Google search for "Milly's Bookmarklets"

Then scroll down to the grey box "Google Site Search"

click and drag grey box to your tool bar and "walla"


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